Live Auction Tickets



What a chance to win an amazing prize!

Purchase a $100 raffle ticket for the opportunity to win a live auction item, including vacations, parties, and “priceless” experiences such as our newest Principal/Vice Principal experience package (prize is the winner’s choice of any Live Auction Item valued under $5,500, and excludes the Washington Nationals Experience).

The winner gets to choose which prize they want before the auctioneer starts the Live Auction bidding. You will be the envy of everyone at the auction as you survey the items and choose your BIG PRIZE.

Live Auction “Golden Ticket” Raffle Rules & Details:

  • Only 75 tickets are being sold.
  • Price is $100 per ticket.
  • Prize is the winner’s choice of any Live Auction Item valued under $5,500.
  • Winner chosen by public drawing immediately prior to start of Live Auction.
  • Buyer must be present at the time of the Live Auction to Win.
  • ONLY current Glebe families and staff are eligible to purchase tickets up until the night of the Auction, at which point, any last few tickets will be sold.
  • Upon being chosen, the winner must at that time select their item of choice from the list of Live Auction items.
  • Buyers must read the restrictions & expiration dates of all the Live Auction items, posted in the Auction Catalogue and/or online.
  • The PTA will not refund buyers who are not present at the Live Auction.
  • Proxies will not be accepted.

This year’s Live Auction items are:

  • Lunch & Movie with Ms. Borg and Ms. Clarke-Marshall
  • Ride to School in a Police Cruiser or a Fire Engine
  • Beach house in Florida Panhandle
  • DC Staycation for Two at Ritz Carlton West End with a spa day at Argentta Spa & dinner at Nobu
  • Suite Night at the Wizards on April 3rd (18 people)
  • Clarendon Bar Crawl on Wheels with Pedal Saloon (14 people)
  • Bullpen Cart Ride at Nats Park, during Glebe Day on May 18th
  • Nationals Anthem Buddies at Glebe Day on May 18th: Top 2 bidders win 5 kids anthem buddy spots, 1 adult chaperone slot, 10 game
    tickets & 6 Glebe Day at Nats Park t-shirts (National Anthem Buddies is excluded from the Golden Raffle Ticket)

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