Glebe Theater

The Educational Theatre Company (ETC) brings their Main Stage Residency to Glebe Elementary School in the fall. Students create an original musical to be performed in December. In 2019, this project will be led by parent volunteer Tara Blankinship. Please feel free to contact her with any questions you have. 

The theme for the 2018 musical is “The Bremen Town Musicians“.

Important 2018 Dates:

September 12: Question and answer session following back-to-school night at 8 pm in the Multipurpose Room.
September 19: Registration for the lottery to participate will close at midnight. Please submit your student lottery forms (below).
September 21: Email notification to students selected in the lottery. Students not selected will receive an email with their wait list position, in case a selected student is unable to participate.
October 1: After-school rehearsals begin. Students must be available Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:45 – 5:30 pm, December 1 and December 8 from 9:30am – 12:00 pm, and evenings from 5:30 – 7:30 the week of the performance. All rehearsals take place at Glebe Elementary School.
December 13 and 14: Performances in the Glebe Multipurpose Room at 7 PM.

Dr. Doolitte, Glebe’s inaugural collaboration with the Educational Theatre Company (2016)

Participation in the Glebe theater program is open to students in grades 2 – 5 and will cost $175 per student in 2018. 

Participants are selected via a lottery, with an emphasis on providing opportunities to new students and to students across all qualifying grades. Students receive information on the application process and program in their first day of school packets. For every year that a student has entered the lottery and not been selected, the student will receive an extra lottery entry for the current year.

Number of students that will be selected via the lottery, by grade.

Grade 2: 6
Grade 3: 10
Grade 4: 10
Grade 5: 10

In addition, 2 interns that perform as part of the cast, but also help with the younger performers will be selected by ETC. These students will typically be in grade 5 and have had prior experience with the show.

*If any grade does not have enough students, students from the next available higher grade will be selected instead.


Glebe Theater Lottery Entry

The lottery is closed for this year and results have been mailed to entrants.

The Glebe Theater program provides fee waivers and financial assistance to interested students. You can indicate interest in financial assistance during the lottery process, after selection has occurred, or by email to the parent liaison for the program (kept confidential). No student will be turned away due to financial need.

Program Financing – 2018

Tuition for the musical has been set at $175 per performer. Students who opt to participate as part of the technical crew will not be assessed a fee. The Glebe PTA funds the remainder of the project.

Thank you, PTA and parents, for your generous support of this program!

More Program Details

ETC staff meet with students most Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:45 – 5:30 and on two Saturday mornings, as well as every evening the week of the show.  

Students prepare the backdrop during a Saturday rehearsal.

Students will:

  • create original characters,
  • write dialogue,
  • develop song lyrics,
  • design and create costumes, props, and scenic backdrops,
  • run light and sound, and
  • perform for peers, parents, and the community!

More information,  including rehearsal and performance times and dates, can be found below and in your first day school packets.

For students in grades 4 and 5 looking for a less intense experience, crews to run lights, sound, and other technical needs will be recruited in November or December. Interested students should contact Ms. Bok. Students should be available for the week prior and during the performance.

Please feel free to send questions to parent liaison Tara Blankinship (email).  The parent liaison is responsible for coordinating staff, volunteers, logistics, and overall participation.

Glebe Theater – Fall 2018 Rehearsal Dates & Show Information (Click to download schedule.)

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